Happy New Year ... and other meandering thoughts

Happy New Year!!! 2011 is here.

2010 is now a memory...
Reflect and be thankful for all the good things that happened last year, and let all the "bad" go, it really is not worth hanging on to...

We had a very good Christmas Holiday, spending a few days at Niagara Falls before Christmas, and then at my parent's for Christmas Eve Dinner, Midnight Mass, and opening of stockings.  Though only four days in total, it felt like I had weeks off.  Alec was thrilled that Santa had remembered the one thing he really wanted, Bakugan (I know that few of you out there without kids under ten will probably even know what these are ;-)

And then, quite unexpectedly, came a very busy work week.  In this business, sometimes that is the way things happen.  I have two clients who contacted me in the last week now in a position to buy a property firm, both looking for quick closings.  Combined with a number of other people looking at marketing their homes and/or looking for a new home in the new year, looks like there will be no rest for me anytime soon.

Was out early this morning taking pictures for a property that I am about to market, it didn't really feel that warm but the snow was melting incredibly fast (it was the "warm" wind).  I guess Canadians just cannot be happy about the weather... after complaining about the snow for the last two weeks, I now am not happy to see most of it melt away...

Helen and I are pretty much home bodies, but somehow we have been out more in the last two weeks than we have been in the last few Christmas/New Year's.  As Alec is growing up and requires less care, we feel that the extra "sleepovers" at Grandma's are not too taxing for Alec nor Grandma.

After a late afternoon nap, Helen and I celebrated the new year with an intimate group of friends and had a great time.  We happened to watch the Ball drop at Times Square on ABC.  Is it just me, or should Dick Clark retire?  Our Soiree ended somewhat abruptly, with an unfortunate disturbance at the work of our host that had to be handled.  Hopefully, everything will work out OK.

My cousin is getting married today!  I am so happy for her.  There are no guarantees in life, but that said, when two people want something, and are willing to work for it, anything is possible.  I know that Jackie and Frank were meant to be, and by the Grace of God, there new life together will start later this afternoon.

I feel very optimistic for the new year.  Alec is well settled in his new school and there seems to be a comfortable rhythm to our life.

I am not a New Year's resolution type of person, but I have spent some time examining the last year and looking forward to what the next year might bring and have adjusted my plans and strategies accordingly.

The last third of the year has not been good for project weight loss and I will have to revisit my strategy and work harder to achieve my goals.  In the next two weeks I hope to have a workable plan in place and try to continue the successes achieved in the first half of 2010.

Life is not guaranteed and our time is precious.  May you strive to have the quality of life that you truly desire and appreciate each and every day and all the blessings that each new day brings.  May God Bless you and grant you the strength to achieve what you want to achieve and the peace and insight to appreciate what you have.

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