Facebook breached? Has this / can this happen to you?

Someone somehow managed to post a link on the wall to most, but not all of my Facebook Friends and make it look like it came from me. 
On my Facebook Friends Walls, they saw my Picture, my name, a link to: and then three random letters.  Underneath this link was the standard Facebook "Like, Comment, Share" links.  This was sent out at 11:31 pm on Saturday December 11th.
On Sunday morning, a friend of mine managed to communicate with me (on Facebook) that I had posted a link that was a virus and that I should scan and virus check my computer.  The first thing I did was to check my Facebook account and I could not see any post on my wall.  Then I signed on to Facebook under my mother's account and looked on her wall.  A post, apparently from me, was there.  After shutting down all running programs,  updated my virusscan program and then scanned my computer.  The scan found know viruses.  Then I logged back on Facebook and immediately posted a warning on my wall to alert my friends that: 1) the link attributed to me was a virus, 2) that it had not been sent by me, and 2) if you had clicked on it, to please scan your computer for viruses. Curiosity got the better of me and I tried to click on the link... Nothing happened, apparently my virus scanning / internet security program prevented me from accessing this link.
I have recently (in the last month) received e-mails from two different Facebook friends with a link to some type of money making venture.  When I tried to confirm with the friends that they had actually sent this e-mail to me, both said they had not and apparently their Facebook account or perhaps their e-mail software had been breached. Could this be somehow similar to what happened to me?
I have an unsecured internet connection, but normally that is not an issue since no one lives within range of the signal.  I normally shut off the internet connection when not in use, but forgot to Saturday evening.  Did this contribute to the "false post"?  Feeling responsible, I just spent considerable time visiting the walls of each of my friends and removing the offending link.  I noticed that this link did not show up on all my friends pages.  I can assume, with no proof, that this has something to do with their individual settings. I have modified my Facebook account, account security (in account settings) to send me an SMS message when my account is accessed by a new computer or mobile device.
Has anything like this happened to you or someone you know?  What should I have done / what can I do to prevent this from happening again?

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Facebook breached? Has this / can this happen to you?
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